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As I have grown older, I realized that I was missing out on something special. From 1991 to now there have been alot of new stadiums built in baseball, which means lots of opportunity to go see new ones, but also means some that will be considered classics one day have been missed. Some of the ones replaced were in need of it, and were very basic, cookie cutter stadiums. Others, while old and outdated, were classics already. I will not let the new wave of stadiums pass me by this time. I am dedicated to seeing them all.

While some of these classics are before my time, I sit and wonder what it would have been like to see a game at some of these classic domains. I love the look of some of the classics and am learning more about them daily.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Comiskey Park I, Chicago Il

Comiskey Park was the home of the Chicago White Sox from 1910 to 1990. It was the site of four World Series 1917,1918,1919, and 1959. (1918 was played by the Chicago Cubs because of a lack of seating at Wrigley Field). The White Sox won in 1917 but lost in 1919 and 1959. 1919 being the infamous "blacksox scandal". The Cubs lost the series they played there to the RedSox, which was the RedSox last WS win until they broke through in 2004.

The most famous (or infamous) promotional event ever held at Old Comiskey was "Disco Demolition Night", on July 12, 1979. Between games of a make-up doubleheader between the White Sox and the Detroit Tigers, fans had brought in old disco albums in exchange for a ticket with a discounted price of 98¢. More than 50,000 fans were in attendance, along with another 20,000 who crashed the gates even though the game was sold out. After the demolition, several thousand fans, many of them intoxicated, stormed the field, stealing equipment and destroying the infield. The nightcap of the doubleheader was canceled and forfeited to the Detroit Tigers.

The new park was opened with the same name, only to be renamed U.S. Cellular Field (the cell), in 2003. It was the oldest stadium in MLB when it closed, which now belongs to Fenway Park. It was demolished a little at a time through the summer of 1991.

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