Missed Out

As I have grown older, I realized that I was missing out on something special. From 1991 to now there have been alot of new stadiums built in baseball, which means lots of opportunity to go see new ones, but also means some that will be considered classics one day have been missed. Some of the ones replaced were in need of it, and were very basic, cookie cutter stadiums. Others, while old and outdated, were classics already. I will not let the new wave of stadiums pass me by this time. I am dedicated to seeing them all.

While some of these classics are before my time, I sit and wonder what it would have been like to see a game at some of these classic domains. I love the look of some of the classics and am learning more about them daily.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland OH

Home of the Cleveland Indians from 1932 to 1933, when they then went back to thier old park (League Park), due to several issues, then used it again from 1936 to 1993 (shared with League Park until 1946). They moved on to Progressive Field (Jacobs Field) in 1994. The stadium was used 1 more season by the Browns, who were there from 1946 until 1994. The stadium was demolished in 1996 to build the new park for the new Browns.

The Indians issues in the early years ranged from the size of the outfield, which the fans and players complained about, which basically eliminated the HR ball. After moving back in, the owner had a portable center field fence installed, which he could move in or out depending on how the distance favored the Indians against their opponents in a given series. The fence moved as much as 15 feet between series opponents. Following the 1947 season, the American League countered with a rule change that fixed the distance of an outfield wall for the duration of a season.
Another issue at the time was the great depression, which as a result the attendance went way down.
The Indians went to 2 World Series while there, 1948 & 1954. Winning it all in 1948.

This park was the home to the first AL color barrier player, Larry Doby, who hit .301 in his first season. He was brought in 11 days after Jackie Robinson was to the Dodgers.


  1. Great blog and a Pirates fan from the UK who flies in twice a year (in Peace and for my sins!) to visit extended family in W Virginia..A friend from Cleveland always referred to this a s the "mistake on the Lake" and told me it was used as a backdrop for a Walther Mattau and Jack lemon Film..the Fortune cookie I think..

  2. The Browns played there through 1995, not 1994. "The Fortune Cookie" is indeed the name of the Matthau/Lemmon film, their first together. Matthau won an Oscar for it. There are lots of shots of the Stadium and some real game film from the 1965 defending NFL Champion Browns. I seem to remember that the phrase "Mistake on the Lake" was first used of the city of Cleveland during its lowest years in the 70's and only later was used to refer to the Stadium, though I couldn't prove it. Personally, I loved that ballpark. On the rare days that the Indians drew a big crowd it was a thrill to see. When Jacobs Field opened only a pure sentimentalist had a problem with the move.